Chris Simms


Chris Simms

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Love Never Dies

A short ghost story

This feels as if it’s not quite real,’ she said, gazing out at the flat Lincolnshire countryside with a smile. ‘Like a dream.’
Sarah and Andy have just got married. For their honeymoon, they’ve booked into a pretty farmhouse. But the property has a sinister history – one involving heartbreak and death.


“Very good read, nice little ghost story that is just enough to jangle to nerves.”
Phil Else (a reader's review via Amazon)
“I'm not sure how to rate this, my rating changes every time I think about it! My first reaction when I finished it was "What did I just read?" Mostly because it felt unfinished. The story somewhat predictable in theme (you knew something was going to happen), but the writing was good, it kept moving, and was a total page-turner as you waited to see what that SOMETHING was going to be. And then . . . I don't want to give spoilers, but I felt like it was ME that had to determine the ending. It was unsettling, disturbing -- and it made me go back and read it again -- and it makes me want to check out the author's other writings. Maybe that was the idea! It succeeded at that -- so on that note, and based on the way it kept me reading, the way the suspense kept building -- I can't really rate it less than a 4.”
Karen with a Kindle (a reader's review via Amazon)

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