Chris Simms


Chris Simms

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Tick Tock

A short story

The incessant sound finally forced his eyes open. There it was, sitting on the breezeblock beside the mattress. Tick tock, tick tock. Round-faced pain in the arse.’

Time’s running out. Darren and Elaine need money for heroin. And if they don’t get it soon, ants will start crawling beneath their skin. They hope to snatch a handbag at the main train station in Manchester. But unknown to them, the city has been hosting a royal visit. And the prince’s schedule is set to clash with theirs.


“A very good read.”
David Goodliffe (a reader's review via Amazon)
“I great read and I really wanted to to go on.”
Jason Smith (a reader's review via Amazon)
“I'd not heard of Chris Simms before but I recommend this piece. If you're a crime fiction fan it's well worth the low price asked for here. It's well written, thought provoking and clever.”
Steve Bailey (a reader's review via Amazon)

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