Chris Simms


Chris Simms

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Mother’s Milk

A short story

One glimpse across the graveyard and he knew that milking her dry would pose no problem at all. To an ordinary person she was a sad-looking woman in her forties, fat thighs bulging as she bent towards the headstone to replace the dying flowers with a fresh bouquet. But to Daniel Norris she stank of need. The need for company. The need for human warmth. The need for someone to lavish kindness upon.

So begins the heartless quest of a con-man. But as his cruel plan unfolds, a lot more than money is soon at stake.


“Another good title for this book could have been Mothers Ruin. This short story was fun from the start - nothing too involved - what I call a "deck-chair book." The only 2 main characters kept me guessing - it was all it should be - short - entertaining - interesting - non-educational.”
Kay Burke (a reader's review via Amazon)

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